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Mum’s the Word

Our Mum’s the Word group aims to provide a safe place for mums and children to come who are isolated and need an opportunity to meet other mums to reduce their isolation and build their confidence and self-esteem.

Lockdown has increased the sense of isolation – mums were stuck at home, home schooling, restricted on what they can do and where they can go. Many of the groups that mums would go to were closed due to Covid-19 and for many mums it is hard to build a network of support when you aren’t able to meet others in a similar situation. Many of the mums that Home-Start supports don’t have close family living nearby and for some, their own childhoods were difficult meaning they don’t necessarily have good role models to lean on for support.

Many mums feel isolated – unable to reassure themselves that others face the same issues they do and for some their mental health is suffering with mums worried that they are not doing a good job parenting their children in these times.

Mum’s the Word aims provide an informal and non-judgmental space for mums to meet other mums, chat and support each other. It is an opportunity for them to talk to staff and trained volunteers about mental health issues and other topics around parenting.

The group is now back to meeting face to face every Tuesday morning for an hour. We are accepting referrals so if you would like to join the group or want to refer somebody else please get in touch.



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