Supporting ordinary parents going through extraordinary times

Parents can feel exhausted and overwhelmed by the stresses of family life, particularly if we have little support from family and friends when we need it most.

Some of us, desperate to do the right thing to give our children the best start in life, find we’re fighting against the odds.

Are you finding parenthood a real struggle because you’re having to cope with isolation, or depression, or your own or your child’s illness or disability, or relationship issues, or twins or triplets? If so, you need support. Home-Start Wokingham District can help.

Home-Start has been described as ‘ARMBANDS IN DEEP WATER’ because we offer a lifeline to parents who feel overwhelmed and in desperate need of support, reassurance and friendship.

***Choose us as your charity to support***

Shop at Tesco in Wokingham or Crowthorne this November and December, request a blue token and choose us as your charity to support. There is no minimum shop and we could be awarded £4000! This will make a huge difference to the families we support.

Wokingham Winter Carnival is on Sunday 26th November

Visit Father Christmas in the library and Support us at the same time!

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