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“Home-Start is a life saver for parents who have no-one else to turn to for emotional support while our children are little and sometimes very demanding.”

Home-Start parents

“I look forward to seeing my volunteer as it makes me feel less alone.”

Home-Start parents

“Amazing! You made a hugely positive effect to my mental health. I cannot thank you enough.”

Home-Start parents
“Home-Start have been amazing in helping us as a family. Everyone is so supportive, friendly and helpful.”
Home-Start parents
“Home-Start Wokingham is an amazing service that helps young children get the best start in life.”
Home-Start parents
“Home-Start really makes you feel that there is someone you can talk and share your feelings.”
Home-Start parents


Parenting Special Children Events

Thought we'd share this newsletter from parentingspecialchildren.co.uk which lists all the online events they've got going on in the next few weeks and how to contact them. Parenting Special Children Events Update (Nov-Dec 2020) (mailchi.mp)



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