Privacy Policy For Families

In line with the Data Protection Act 2018 we only collect, store and process your personal data if it is: Justified. Minimal. Adequate. Relevant. Correct. Limited to what is necessary. 

Home-Start Wokingham will never sell on your personal information. Our aim is to provide weekly non-judgemental and confidential support to you and your family.

Personal Data we may hold:

  • Your full name, date of birth and those of your family members.
  • Your address and contact telephone numbers. Your family’s genders, ethnicities, religion, health, social and environmental needs.
  • How you are coping with these above needs.
  • Details of where your children go to nursery or school.
  • Details of professionals involved with your family.
  • Conversations we have had with you or others.
  • Any risks that your situation could pose to our volunteers or staff.

Who has access to your personal data?

  • The volunteer who is chosen to support you.
  • The Home-Start Co-ordinator and Manager.
  • An appointed member of Home-Start UK
    or Home-Start Wokingham Trustee board,
    ONLY for reason of checking our compliance/
    quality assurance.

Why we need your personal data?

  • In order to provide support to your family.
  • To keep a chronological record of what has been said, agreed and done.

Where is personal data stored?

  •  Electronic data is stored on Charity Log.

How long will we keep your information once our support has ended?

  • One year – at which point it will be shredded and deleted from all secure electronic storage.
  •  Six years if there have been child protection concerns or social services involvement.

Your consent?

  •  We support you because you have asked us to.
  • We will ask you for your consent before we talk to organisations about you or use your situationas a public “story” in a promotional way.
  • If you or your children’s safety could be put at risk then we will not gain prior consent before contacting the police, an ambulance or social services.

Your rights over your personal information?

  • With identification and 30 days notice we will show you the information that we hold on you. 
  • Please tell us about inaccuracies and if you need it transferring to another organisation just let us know.

In order to provide free support to you and your family we apply for grants from private funders, such as the Big Lottery, BBC Children in Need, Henry Smith etc. We enter into agreements with these funders. They require us to provide feedback or proof that we have carried out the work we said we would. To show this, there are circumstances where we may use your situation as an example, but we will ensure that all details are anonymised and that the document is not open to the public. If your child is under 16 years old we need your consent to keep details about them. If your child is over 16 years of age we will ensure that they understand why we keep some information about them and gain their consent for this.

If you have any questions or concerns email: