We help families with young children through a combination of home-visiting support, outreach, group support, parenting information and social activities.

Frequently asked questions

Who can be referred?

It is our aim at Home-Start Wokingham District to operate an open referral policy ensuring that support is available to any family who is experiencing stress or difficulty and who has at least one child under the age of five or when all children are in school. However, funding restrictions do not always make this possible, and as a result the availability of our service in Wokingham Borough can change from year to year. For information about services currently available please ring our office on 0118 988 8025.

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Who can make referrals?

Families can refer themselves, or be referred to Home-Start Wokingham District by any agency, e.g. health visitor, social worker, family support worker, CPN, nursery teacher, etc.

We only restrict referrals where there is a lack of resources.

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How do I make a referral?

For each referral made a Referral Form should be completed. See  Guidance Notes.

Before sending in a referral form families must be consulted, informed of the content of the referral form and show their agreement by signing the form.

All referrals received will be assessed to determine whether or not:

  • The family has willingly chosen Home-Start Wokingham District.
  • The referral falls within the remit of the scheme.
  • The referrer needs to provide further information prior to a visit by the co-ordinator.
  • The scheme is likely to have the resources to support the family.

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What happens if a referral is refused?

If the referral does not fall within the remit of the scheme or there are insufficient resources to provide support, the referral with be rejected and the referrer will be informed that Home-Start Wokingham District can not help on this occasion.

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What happens if a referral is accepted?

All referrals that are accepted for Home-Start support will receive an initial visit by a co-ordinator before support is offered to clarify their needs and the support that Home-Start can offer.

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Do you have a waiting list?

Home-Start Wokingham District aims to provide support to families as soon as possible, but where there is not a volunteer available immediately the family will be asked if they want to go on a waiting list. The majority of families are linked within two months of referral, however on occasion families may be waiting longer than this.