Chat & Play


Chat & Play is a small family support group for parents with preschool children who need help to prepare them for nursery and school. Part of our Tools for Life Project, it’s a small group for children to learn through play, with fun, age appropriate activities. They learn vital skills like sharing, taking turns and following instructions.

The group gives the parents, who are often isolated, the chance to get out of the house, make friends, share ideas and become more involved in their own community. Over time, as the group gets to know each other, they become a sustainable source of support for each other.

As part of this project, together with Wokingham Children’s Centres, we are excited to bring parents a series of Top Tip leaflets to support them and their children in preparing for their next stage of learning.

Dressing & Undressing Top Tips click here >

Starting Nursery & School Top Tips click here >

Communication Top Tips click here >

Developing Independence Top Tips click here >

Mark Making Top Tips click here >

Outdoor Play Top Tips click here >

Playdough Top Tips click here >

Sensory Play Top Tips click here >


Our project coordinator runs the group with help from trained volunteers.. Using our Tools for Life project training and resources, they work on specific skills, like speech and language, with outcomes recorded for both children and parents.


It is a 2 hour session held once a week during term time. For more details please get in touch.


It is normally held in a Children’s Centre in Wokingham, subject to availability.


Attendance at the group is by invitation only.



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