Volunteers’ stories

The family I support as a home visiting volunteer…..

I have been working with a family since July 2013.  This family has many different and difficult issues to deal with and has asked for support at the weekend which suited me because I work full-time during the week.  Dad works away a lot and mum has spent the last year dealing with the complex medical needs of their youngest child and the constant stream and multitude of professionals this involves.  As a result of this she has suffered from depression and the guilt of not being able to give much needed time to the older two children.  In the three months that I have worked with the family, the baby has been in hospital three times and in the last two months has had a transplant and is currently recovering in hospital which is not local.  This family is now juggling work commitments, educational needs for the children with travelling to/from the hospital for the past two months putting an enormous strain on their finances and emotional wellbeing.

The support I can give to this family is time with the older two children.  We have spent hours in the garden looking for signs that fairies do exist!!  We have been to the local park and built sandcastles, had tea parties and made soup using a concoction of whatever we could find, sang songs, read stories,  used torches in the camp that we built and had lots of fun along the way.  The children look forward to me coming every week and I look forward to my visit especially the squeals of excitement when they open the door.

Working with this family I see an endless sea of love for each other, a constant commitment to making better a difficult situation both emotionally and financially and a light at the end of a very dark tunnel when their baby comes home again.  My hope for them; is that day will come soon and I will continue to support them for as long they feel there is a need.